Invisible Men with Michael Addis, PhD

Michael Addis, PhD, is author of Invisible Men: Men’s Inner Lives and the Consequences of Silence. He says that many men have emotional and often physical pain that is often hidden because of cultural pressures that men feel. Although his interest in the invisibility of men was sparked by a specific experience that he observed, much of his work is based upon research done on the psychology of men. Dr. Addis shares some of the statistical differences between men and women including how men have much smaller social networks than women, thus have less support. Men are half as likely as women to be diagnosed with depression or anxiety yet are much more prone to take their own life. Men are less likely to recognize when they need help for emotional issues. Physicians ask men fewer questions than they do of women. Cultural stereotypes also come into play, including how most men feel they must be able to control their emotions so they don’t feel comfortable expressing them. Dr. Addis and host Mary Treacy O’Keefe discuss some specific ways for creating a more supportive environment for the men in people’s lives. For example, women need to stop being emotional caretakers of men as it’s not good for either the man or women. Some ways to be more present to men include respecting the man’s difficulty in talking but let him know you are available if needed. Timing is also important. His book gives specific ideas for helping men become less ‘invisible.’ For more information, please visit .

Listen: Invisible Men with Michael Addis, PhD


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