Audience Evaluations

  • Thank you, thank you for the opportunity you offered our group of 80+ individuals in your presentation on “Meant to Be….”  Your stories and inspiration offered our Faith Formation volunteer ministers a way to see that their commitment in faith to such a variety of ministries is God-directed.  Your guide to PRAY by the easily remembered points:  1) Pay Attention, 2) Reflect, 3) Ask and 4) say “YES” to God’s call was magnificent!In celebrating our folks as volunteer ministers, you helped create awareness of the weaving of God’s design in our lives through simple tasks of teaching children or working to support programming in the office.  You offered confidence in self and hearing the voice of God’s direction in our lives.  You spoke with passion and humor and offered peace and strength.

    We are most grateful.

    Katie McCarty and the Faith Formation volunteer ministers of St. Joseph the Worker, Maple Grove, MN

  • “I loved your openness to hearing/sharing stories from people of various religious backgrounds; would love to hear more stories.”
  • “This presentation helped me learn how to find meaning while dealing with the loss of my mother”
  • “I’m anxious to read the book. This gave me new insights concerning my own experiences
  • “This gave me different ideas for how to listen and respond– a helpful way of looking at and understanding the unusual things that happen in my life.”
  • “Mary was so much more than I even imagined. I had loved her book, but she is also such a dynamic speaker!”
  • “I can’t wait to read your book and learn more about “Thin Places” especially regarding death and dying. My mother is 83 and in poor health, so this helps me cope with I will be dealing with very soon.
  • “The presentation was excellent! Mary is a wonderful speaker! Please let me know about her other presentations.”
  • “I loved this presentation and Mary! My own experiences and beliefs were reaffirmed.”
  • “Real and genuine! I have “little and large miracles” daily-this helped me understand them. The talk was just great. Thank you!”
  • “Mary is very upbeat and humorous. I really enjoyed the evening. What an interesting and inspiring discussion on signs and connections to our Higher Power!”
  • “Mary is a passionate, witty and powerful speaker. Wonderful!”
  • “I found this to be fascinating, a very good presentation. Developed a curious desire to learn more.”
  • “This topic helped me understand my own visions. I can’t wait to read the book.”
  • “I loved Mary’s energy. I look forward to many more wonderful experiences of my own, as I’ve had thin places since my husband died.”
  • “I felt assured that I am not alone in my own thin place experiences. My expectations were dramatically met. Mary’s words and stories felt as though she had read my mail or my mind!”
  • “This was the second time I have attended one of your presentations. It was totally different from the first talk, but it was still just great!”
  • “I loved hearing other people’s stories and I will encourage others to buy the book. It helped me deal with the death of my son as I have had ‘thin places’ experiences involving him.”

Nancy Manahan Author, Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully

Last month, I listened to Mary O’Keefe’s Well Within radio show and was impressed by her understanding of the topics discussed, her thoughtful questions, and her perceptive comments. As a guest on her show last week, I got to experience her skills first hand. Having given hundreds of interviews, I recognize a rare, gifted interviewer, one who listens and speaks from the heart, is relaxed but alert, and gracefully goes with the flow rather than adhering to a script. I learned later that Mary had reread my book the day before our interview. Her preparation showed. Tune in here for a sample of Mary’s radio magic:

Nancy Manahan Author, Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully 

Sue Johnson, CRS, GRI,

Mary is a gifted and beautifully spiritual woman who shares the gifts of her spiritual connections in a way that we can all relate. Mary is funny and down-to-earth. I heard her speak once and as a result, invited her to speak to Birthright, a volunteer group with whom I’m associated. We have now invited her back for an even larger audience for Birthright’s State Conference in September 2010. I enjoy sharing her gifts and her book with friends, family and co-workers and I’m pleased to recommend her!

Carol James – Mt. Olivet Retreat Center

It was such a pleasure to have you at our Mount Olivet Conference and Retreat Center this past weekend. I found your presentations to be both informative and inspiring, and from reading our participants’ evaluations, they did as well. Thank you for your book. I am looking forward to reading it and to sharing it with a friend who I think will find it comforting. Thank you for sharing your ministry with us this weekend.


Carol James
Executive Director
Mt. Olivet Retreat Center

Ellen Capecchi – Presbyterian Homes and Services

Our community was blessed by Mary’s presentation. Mary was easy to work with. She returned calls and emails promptly. She accommodated our schedule and our budget. Mary’s approachable countenance and gentle spirit put our senior residents at ease. While the subject (of ‘thin places’) is a sensitive one, Mary presented it in a way that our residents could be receptive. Those in attendance were thrilled to get personalized messages in the books they later bought from Mary.
Should you have any questions, please contact me:

Ellen Capecchi
Presbyterian Homes and Services