Speaking Topics

Signature Keynote: Meant-to-Be Moments: Discovering What We are Called to Do and Be

FOR: Business and healthcare professionals and organizations, Women’s groups, Interfaith/religious organizations, and community events

An important aspect of a long and meaningful existence is finding our purpose in life. Opportunities for discovering this are often found in circumstances and situations that people believe “happened for a reason” or seemed “meant to be.” In this presentation, Mary will share inspiring stories about these types of experiences and demonstrates a four-step process for discovering how to discern purpose, meaning and callings within our own lives.

Thin Places: Where Faith is Affirmed and Hope Dwells

FOR: Healthcare and hospice professionals, cancer survivor organizations, Women’s groups, Interfaith/Religious organizations, bereavement groups, and community events

Theologian Marcus Borg observes that ‘thin places’ are experiences or places “where the veil momentarily lifts, and we behold God, experience the one in whom we live, all around us and within us.” One of the best ways to identify and share our thin place experiences is with a soul friend. By sharing inspiring stories, including from her book, Thin Places: Where Faith is Affirmed and Hope Dwells, Mary Treacy O’Keefe will demonstrate how soul friendships and thin places help us live more fully by opening our hearts to Divine messages that provide wisdom, faith and hope in our daily lives

Mind-Body Skills for Healing and Stress Reduction:

FOR: Business professionals, healthcare professionals and organizations, cancer, heart disease and other support groups, caregivers, wellness programs, religious organizations, and community events

Research shows that stress contributes to 65-90% of illnesses. In this presentation, you will learn skills to manage stress, reduce anxiety, foster relaxation, and heal mind, body and spirit. This course will include experiential exercises to demonstrate various integrative healing techniques including meditation, healthy breathing, visualization, mindfulness and more.

Living Fully Through Soul Friendships

FOR: Women’s groups, Interfaith/spiritual groups and organizations, healthcare professionals, wellness programs and community events,

One of the most meaningful dimensions of a long, balanced, and fulfilling life is a soul friend. These spiritual friendships provide social/spiritual support, intimacy and the opportunity to share stories, which helps reduce stress and anxiety, enhance immune systems and foster healing and overall wellbeing. This presentation and interactive discussion includes a brief summary of the Celtic history of ‘anam caras’ (Gaelic for soul friends), research demonstrating the health benefits of strong friendships, and will conclude with a process for finding and fostering these important relationships.

Spiritual Self-Care: Nourishing our Spirit During Stressful Times

FOR: Business, healthcare and hospice professionals, Interfaith/spiritual organizations, women’s groups, patient and caregiver organizations, wellness programs and community events

This presentation will include a discussion of meditation, mindfulness, prayer, soul friendships and the importance of sharing our stories to reduce stress and live as fully as possible. Experiential exercises will show ways to help heal our spirit, especially during health crises and other life transitions

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